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Tuesday, 18 Sep

Bianca Tainsh
Reconfiguring the Meme Machine initiates the genesis of The League for Human Integrity, an organized movement for an ideological reinvention in the age of Mass Consumerism. Through video soundscapes, print, and installation practice, the SomoS gallery operates as an exhibition space and becomes a transformative site for the movement’s experiential workshops and rituals. To learn more about event times and bookings please visit: biancatainsh...
SomoS, 18.00h
Duration: 19 Sep22 Sep
18.10. 2018, 19 Uhr
19. – 28. Oktober 2018
Artist Names:
Björn Gogalla & Reiko Kammer
In der Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide befindet sich die Baustelle des Ausbildungsgeländes „Urbaner Ballungsraum“ Schnöggersburg. Die Bundeswehr und ihre NATO-Verbündeten erproben auf diesem Gelände den Häuser- und Straßenkampf. Hier scheint die Normalität einer Kleinstadt zu herrschen. Jedoch stehen die Kulissen für eine mögliche reale Situation: Hier...
MEINBLAU project space, 18.00h
Duration: 19 Sep28 Sep

Thursday, 20 Sep


Since several years Jeewi Lee has been working on an artistic cycle of works that deal with visibility of traces. It focuses both on human traces from our everyday lives and on historical traces that burn themselves into various materials and thus bear witness to history. In her work "Tracing the 38th Parallel of Korea" (working title), she refers to certain historical traces of the history of her homeland Korea, which at the same time bear witness to...
Sexauer Gallery, 18.00h
Duration: 21 Sep27 Oct

Opening hours Wed-Fri 2-6pm and upon request
Berlin Art Week: Wed-Sat 2-7pm
For years countless movement concepts, each demonstrating their own way of dealing with body and space, have been competing for followers. They all share the imperative desire for discipline and training from which derives the unspoken promise of self-liberation or even happiness. The Berlin based sculptor Hannah Hallermanns has dedicated her exhibition "Until the end of...
L40, 19.00h
Duration: 21 Sep26 Oct

Friday, 21 Sep

Peter Cusack, Ines Lechleitner, Antje Vowinckel, Jeremy Woodruff
Distopias today are all around us. In the entertainment media and world politics there are numerous indications of dystopic scenarios. States with authorian leaders, the global power of internet companies and ecological desasters can be easily be interpreted as a future of horror. Particularly because distopias are fictional it can be a precious tool for a cultural diagnosis of our time....
MEINBLAU project space, 18.00h
Duration: 21 Sep30 Sep
Ayelet Carmi, Crown 1, 2018, Photography.
“Flower Power” is a slogan that has become identified with the 1960s as a symbol of passive resistance and nonviolence ideology. The exhibition wishes to borrow the expression, and use its two parts – flower and power – to present the seductive power of relevant and critical artworks that embody both poles. The physical and the spiritual alike stand at the heart of this exhibition, but not as a private case, but as a broad and global observation, between...
Circle1 - Platform for Art & Culture, 19.00h
Duration: 21 Sep24 Nov
Tjorg Douglas Beer- The exhibition takes up the format of a group exhibition in which Tjorg Douglas Beer shows his own works that refer to or are inspired by other artists, music or literature. In addition, works by artists that were and are important to Beer in various ways will also be on display. As a third level, works revised by Beer, such as record covers or writings, are part of the exhibition.
Haus am Lützowplatz - Studio Galerie, 19.00h
Duration: 22 Sep4 Nov

Saturday, 22 Sep

Participating Artists: Alma Alloro, Lotta Bartoschewski, Samantha Bohatsch, Lena Marie Emrich, Anna Fiegen, Francisca Gómez, Gisèle Gonon, Agne Juodvalkyte, Aneta Kajzer, Annelies Kamen, Soline Krug, Yeongbin Lee, Tomoko Mori, Kate-Hers Rhee, Silke Schwarz
Reinbeckstraße 17
12459 Berlin
Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt, 18.00h
Duration: 23 Sep14 Oct

This Week

Tuesday, 25 Sep

Alexei Gordin- Gordin is the winner of the 2017 Young Painter Prize, one of the most important art events in the Baltic countries, uniting Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian young artists under 30. Presented in the solo exhibition are new works made during Gordin’s time working as resident artist at SomoS Art House in Berlin, while immersing himself in the city, working alongside a community of international artists.
SomoS, 18.00h
Duration: 26 Sep30 Sep

Wednesday, 26 Sep

In German
Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, 17.00h
The New Infinity
New Art for Planetariums
Audiovisual Fulldome-Presentation
David OReilly: Eye of the Dream
berliner festspiele/immersion, 18.00h
Duration: 26 Sep14 Oct
Auditive Social Network is a collaboration between Cashmere Radio and to build an actual meshwork of studios that use the Berlin airwaves as a participatory raum for experimental and artistic broadcasts. ASN plans to further expand on this through technological developments, organizational work and sharing ideas. This is based on 14 years of making radio, three years of cooperations and plans for the future with workshops, residencies, events,...
, 18.00h
Duration: 26 Sep30 Sep

Artists: Doug Aitken, Josef Albers, Richard Artschwager, Yto Barrad, Georg Baselitz, Thomas Bayrle, Joseph Beuys, Marc Brandenburg, Günter Brus, Michael Buthe, John Cage, Johanna Calle, Los Carpinteros, Carlfriedrich Claus, William N. Copley, Keren Cytter, Adriana Czernin, Hanne Darboven, Michael Deistler, Felix Droese, Marcel Dzama, Maria Eichhorn, Larissa Fassler, Günther Förg, Parstou Forouhar, Ellen Gallagher, Rupprecht Geiger, Isa Genzken, Hermann...
Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, 18.00h
Duration: 27 Sep6 Sep
Each year, a different contemporary artist is given the opportunity to use the façade of Neuen Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), which links the exhibition space to the public space of the city, as a surface of intervention, developing a special project developed especially for the building. The outdoor projects operate directly in public space, promoting an active engagement with the urban surroundings, and inspire a debate on contemporary art and its...
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein , 18.00h
Duration: 27 Sep1 Aug

at n.b.k. Showroom

Geta Brătescu is one of Romania’s most important conceptual artists. Already under the Communist dictatorship she created abstract works in which patterns, surfaces, lines, colours, and structures intersect, in opposition to official state art. Neuer Berliner Kunstverein  (n.b.k.) now presents Geta Brătescu’s first solo show at a Berlin institution.

Geta Brătescu’s varied work includes drawings, collages of fabric or paper,...
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein , 18.00h
Duration: 27 Sep25 Jan

The Exhibition Project: A 37 90 89. The invention of the Neo-Avantgarde will be dedicated to the project space A 37 90 89, founded in 1969 in Antwerp, which decisively influenced the development of project spaces around the world, serving as an example for later models of alternative project spaces, producer galleries, and joint initiatives. The artists and curators involved in Antwerp at the time are today some of the most outstanding representatives...
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein , 18.00h
Duration: 27 Sep27 Jan

Guided tour with the curator The World on Paper (German) PalaisLecture Spot on!
28 SEP, 6pm *Registration:

Guided tour 29 SEP, 6pm PalaisLecture (English)

No registration required

30 SEP, 3pm PalaisLecture (German)

No registration required
Admission tickets for the exhibtion can be purchased in the ticket shop or at the counter.
Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, 18.00h
Duration: 29 Sep30 Sep
Urban Intervention

For this year’s Berlin Art Week, the artist Mischa Kuball will expand his installation res·o·nant from Berlin’s Jewish Museum to the city space. With his light and sound installation, he plays two of the iconic voids of the museum building by architect Daniel Libeskind. The voids symbolize the physical gaps created by the destruction of Jewish life. With res·o·nant LIVE, Kuball transfers the sharp corners and asymmetrical edges of the void in a floor...
Jewish Museum, 19.00h
Duration: 27 Sep30 Sep

KW on location at Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin
Leipziger Straße 60 (Entrance: Jerusalemer Straße), 10117 Berlin

KW Production Series is a new commissioning project, organized in collaboration with the JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION and OUTSET Germany_Switzerland. It is dedicated to artists’ moving image works and concentrates on two new productions per year. The project takes inspiration from KW Institute for Contemporary Art’s founding principles as...
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 19.00h
Duration: 27 Sep25 Nov

The work of Evelyn Taocheng Wang (born 1981, CN) emerges from aninterest inwhat constitutes identity, as well ashow one’s own body is culturally relative to—andintertwined with—autobiographical structures. For KW Institute for Contemporary Art’s series Pause, Wang will present a completelynew body of work, consisting of two films and an installation of large-scale fabrics. Pause is envisioned as a platform to punctuate the program by presenting a...
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 19.00h
Duration: 27 Sep30 Sep

The title of the exhibition, THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, refers to a lost collage of the same name by Guy Debord (1931-1994), who influenced the Situationist International (S.I.) from its founding in 1957 until its dissolution in 1972. It is both reminiscent of the seriousness with which the Situationist radicalized the conflicts of the post-war era and also emphasizes the playful element involved in all its paths ...
A project by Wolfgang Scheppe with...
HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 19.00h
Duration: 27 Sep10 Dec
The point of departure for Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s audiovisual installations and performances is his exploration of our auditory consciousness and memory involving primarily highly political contexts. In recent years, Abu Hamdan has several times worked as a sound expert together with Forensic Architecture, an independent research agency that utilizes creative methods to uncover human rights violations, publish evidence and make it available for legal...
daad galerie, 19.00h
Duration: 27 Sep18 Nov
As the recipient of the GASAG Art Prize 2018, Julian Charrière (*1987 in Morges, Schwitzerland) will create a multimedia spatial installation for the Berlinische Galerie that takes visitors underwater in the Pacific Ocean. Seventy years after the United States began testing thermonuclear weapons at Bikini Atoll, the artist set off on an expedition to an area rendered permanently uninhabitable for human life as a result of the environmental contamination....
Berlinische Galerie – Museum of Modern Art, 19.00h
Duration: 27 Sep8 Apr

Imagine a nomadic tribe would travel from the future to today’s time to share their lore –   the stories, songs and dances that reflect their ways of living together, of practicing labour, care and ritual. Would we look at today’s world with different eyes? Would we be spurred on to sensitize ourselves and experiment with spaces and situations of encounter?

These questions are brought to resonate in "Projecting [Space[", an in situ creation by Meg...
HAU - Hebbel am Ufer, 19.00h
Duration: 28 Sep30 Sep
An evening with readings and performances
ausland / projekt archiv e. V., 20.00h
In the autumn of 2017 the 9th Preis der Nationalgalerie was awarded to Agnieszka Polska (born 1985 in Lublin). On this occasion the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin will present a new multi-channel video installation by the artist, which is being produced especially for a solo exhibition in the Historic Hall beginning on September 27, 2018.
Agnieszka Polska combines live action sequences and animation into encrypted adaptations of...
Hamburger Bahnhof, 20.00h
Duration: 27 Sep3 Mar
Performance & Album Release Party
Berghain, 23.00h

Thursday, 27 Sep

book launch and reading

BDP - brise marine book launch /  show of 'colt jonner's desecration of descent' -marathon loop reading on the sunday &  groce BBQ from morning till night.

“We’re probably gonna die up here!”
– “Don’t scream. Don’t you realize what could happen if you scream?”

Straight from base camp comes the thrilling reveal of Colt Jonner's 'Desecration of Descent', the author’s latest and most profane blockbuster book to date. Book signing, marathon reading...
Büro BDP , 12.00h
Duration: 27 Sep2 Oct
This year more than 90 galleries present highlights from their programs in the fair’s Galleries section. The new Special Projects section is reserved for 28 solo presentations and curated projects that offer galleries the opportunity to provide a more comprehensive introduction to an artist or to present a thematic juxtaposition of works and positions. Also new this year is Salon: here, the curator Tenzing Barshee brings together numerous artists from...
art berlin, 16.00h

2018 POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair as part of the Berlin Art Week will showcase selected international galleries with their most significant artistic positions of contemporary and modern art. For the fifth edition POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair moves to the Hangar 4 at the Berlin-Tempelhof Airport. Therefore both art fairs of the Berlin Art Week will be held at the airport. POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair offers its visitors an attractive supporting programme with...
Duration: 28 Sep30 Sep
"Clerks’ Quarters: Can There Be Forgiveness?" is the second iteration of a new scenographic exhibition platform by Berlin-based artist Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw.  A first rendition was held as an evening of performance within an installation by Shaw at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in March 2018. The upcoming rendition at Ashley expands on this one-night event and presents an enduring transformative setting for Shaw's stagings. The show will include...
Ashley Berlin, 18.00h
Duration: 21 Oct
German, English
As part of the exhibition "Kindheit geht vorüber und bleibt" during Berlin Art Week, an artist talk will be held with Annette Lofy, Eva von Schirach, Linn Schröder, and a special guest. Each photographer will present their current work, their various photographic approaches will be discussed touching on the subject of “childhood.”
Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, 19.00h

Reading-Performance (English)
„Just for the Hell of it“ is an evening thought as series of readings with the artist Berkay Tuncay and guests. It is initiated by Display and the artist in the frame of his solo exhibition „Getting Away with It (All Messed Up)“ and will take place during Berlin Art Week.
Display, 19.00h
Reading Performance

The solo exhibition of the Istanbul based artist Berkay Tuncay at Display «  Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) » features his most recent research on the « relaxation videos » transformed through the process of poetry. Installed in the space, the visual poems relate to concrete poetry all the while opening the reflection on daily healing practices. Constituting a mass consumer product, countless videos of relaxation, meditation, or yoga lessons...
Display, 19.00h
Duration: 21 Sep30 Sep
Runway Show

Bisagra is a platform that functions as a meeting point in the fragmented world of the visual arts in Lima, and the region, creating connections between its different manifestations, as well as other areas of research and creation. 

For their project at Kinderhook & Caracas, Bisagra is developing a subverted maquila-inspired process as a format for collaboration between artists in Lima and Berlin.  A maquila is a manufacturing operation in which...
Kinderhook & Caracas, 19.00h
Duration: 22 Sep20 Oct

stay hungry will be presenting a new, site specific work by the artist duo Pätzug/Hertweck at c/o Kunstpunkt.

For Pätzug/Hertweck, the playful disturbance of everyday spatial experience stands at the focus of their artistic engagement. At central points of intersection between anthropological, architectural, and geometric spaces, they place mechanically animated sculptural elements that trick and overcome visitors in their customary ways of...
Stay Hungry, 19.00h
Duration: 27 Sep7 Oct

Three female artists follow the hidden history of migrants. By unfolding individual experiences through dialogue and the archeology of places, they explore the subsequent inscriptions that define the psychology of a social and political sphere. 

In her multimedia installation "Yangjiri", artist Chan Sook Choi moves between the past and present of the village of Yangjiri, a model village located in the transit zone between North and South Korea. She...
c/o Kunstpunkt Berlin , 19.00h
Duration: 27 Sep7 Oct

For Pleasure Drive artist collective the Cult of Rammellzee present:

∑X ÷ Oº × POX = ∑ Consciousness — The Glue that Drives Us

An immersive ritual of collective frenzy exploring the creative and destructive drives channeled and relayed through the myth surrounding RAMM: ∑LL: Z∑∑, Gothic Futurist philosopher, artist and panzer armoured MC.

Artists: The Cult of Rammellzee, Benedikt Drew, Alana Lake, Max Göran, Natasja Loutchko, Ida Lennartsson,...
GSL Projekt, 19.00h
Duration: 27 Sep7 Oct

7—8.30pm U5 Alexanderplatz / Sven Johne and Mio Okido
8—9.30pm station urbaner kulturen / Sven Johne
This year, “Art in the Underground” celebrates its 60th anniversary. The competition originated in 1958 on the station platform of the U2 at Alexanderplatz. What began in the GDR with a call for ‘Posters for Peace’, is still continued today in a similar vein in public space. Called for and realised by the nGbK since 1991, the art competition addresses...
Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK), 19.00h
Duration: 27 Sep4 Oct
Christiane Möbus is the recipient of the 2018 Hannah-Höch-Preis for her outstanding life’s work as an artist. Since 1970, she has been creating emblematic, poetic images with her installations, performances, photography, film, and texts. Her works refer always to existential subjects; her frequently remarkable associations lead us to make discoveries about ourselves. In Nikolaikirche in Berlin-Mitte, she will present an exhibition showing her work: some...
Museum Nikolaikirche , 19.00h
Duration: 28 Sep25 Nov
Axel Obiger, 19.00h
Duration: 28 Sep20 Oct
c/o Kunstpunkt Berlin , 19.00h
Duration: 28 Sep7 Oct

In her recent works, Sylvia Henrich has been operating largely on digital terrain. Her creative medium: computer technology that has run amok, intentionally brought out of control at specific points. Subjectivity meets auto-correct.

Stefanie Seufert’s works are about exposing aesthetic signs from the real and the virtual world. Pseudo-realities, be they inflatable or artificial, like inflatables or emojis, are evoked or depicted. The photographic...
COPYRIGHTberlin, 19.00h
Duration: 28 Sep28 Oct
(part of EMOP Berlin - European Month of Photography)- Remus Tiplea
Romanian Cultural Institute (RKI Berlin), 19.00h
Duration: 28 Sep23 Nov

An immersive ritual of collective frenzy exploring the creative and destructive drives channeled and relayed through the myth surrounding RAMM: ∑LL: Z∑∑, Gothic Futurist philosopher, artist and panzer armoured MC.

Pleasure Drive is an exhibition and performance event that captures the tension held between Sigmund Freud’s mythological constructs of the Life (Eros) and Death (Thanatos) Drives.  In his paper Beyond the Pleasure Principle...
GSL Projekt, 20.00h
Guest: "Fiction Canteen"
English/German Literature Forum with selected authors.
ausland / projekt archiv e. V., 20.00h
b_books emerged as a collective motivated by a certain pleasure of the text and experience with artistic-political work. The Kreuzberg storefront space has since then been a point of departure and a centre for jointly organized events (montagsPRAXIS) and the specialist bookstore/publishing house. The programme includes film presentations, readings, performances, and discussions. All fields of work are closely linked to one another and form a social space...
b_books, 20.00h
Danish artist duo AVPD (Peter Døssing and Aslak Vibæk) has created a new work for die raum titled 'Vertical Time'. The piece is a light installation in constant transformation. It consists of 4 strip lights in two different daylight nuances mounted on the wall in a vertical formation. The fluorescent lamps are programmed to constantly increase or decrease in light intensity from 0 to 100 %, each in their own cycle independently of the others. The cycle of...
die raum, 20.00h
Duration: 28 Sep4 Nov
Artists: Jannike Brantås, Rikard Fåhraeus and Kate Koivisto Wheeler, Kjell Hansson, Susanne Högdahl Holm, Monika Masser, Helena Norell, Katarzyna Piorek, Alexandra Skarp
"The world we think we thought how it would be and become." An exhibition about: The construction, destruction, deconstruction and reconstruction of the ideas, hopes and dreams of the human being."Bestruction stage III" is the third exhibition in a collaboration between >top...
>top Schillerpalais, 20.00h
Duration: 28 Sep30 Sep

Friday, 28 Sep

The Berlin Art Prize is an independent award for contemporary art and returns after a one-year pause with its fifth edition. The concept is simple, yet singular: open to all Berlin artists, names and career experience are irrelevant, and only the art is taken into consideration. A selected jury awards the prize according to an anonymous method. All nominees will be presented in a group exhibition until September 28, 2018. During the finissage, three of...
Duration: 1 Sep28 Sep
Guided Tour

The artist Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the term ‘the decisive moment’, a fleeting moment to which the camera lends permanence and captures the essence of a situation, person, or place. In photographic form, this captured moment in the flow of time is marked simultaneously by a sense of transience and timelessness. For us, the moment is the only perceptible slice of eternity –   for as Goethe wrote: ‘the moment is eternity’ (Der Augenblick ist Ewigkeit...
me collectors room / STIFTUNG OLBRICHT, 13.00h
Duration: 26 Sep1 Apr
Opening: 27 SEP, 7pm
c/o Kunstpunkt Berlin, 13.00h
Duration: 7 Oct

For two days during Berlin Art Week, Juan Atkins, known as "The Originator of Techno Music" will investigate the alignments of architecture, sound and light within the installation res·o·nant by artist Mischa Kuball in the Jewish Museum Berlin. The connection of several analog & modular synthesizers creates a sculpture that responds to the materiality of the space as well as visitors’ interactions. In this work, Atkins is interested in the effect...
Jewish Museum, 16.00h
Duration: 28 Sep29 Sep
Opening, award ceremony, and party
Award Ceremony
28 SEP, 7.30—9pm
Panel Discussion
28 SEP, 5—7pm
Host: Dr. Séverine Marquin
Panel: Christian Hiller (arch +, An Atlas of Commoning: Orte des Gemeinschaffens), Carola Rümper (mp43 – projektraum für das periphere, Artist), Florian Schmidt (Bezirksstadtrat für Bauen, Planen und Facility Management), Daniela Schmidtke (NON Berlin, Curator), Dr. Ingrid Wagner (Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa)
Concept/Coordination: Jole Wilcke...
Bar Babette, 17.00h
Murals by Manfred Böttcher, Ernst Schroeder, Harald Metzkes and Horst Zickelbein. Admision is free during Berlin Art Week. 
Akademie der Künste, 17.00h
Duration: 29 Sep30 Sep

The artistic practice of the Swedish artist Cecilia Jonsson oscillates between scientific and artistic methods and processes. Her works are frequently inspired by research in the sciences or natural history. Based on this research, Jonsson develops her own artistic interpretations. In “Contemporary Diagram,” the artist works with microbiological and biochemical processes. During a two-month project residency at singuhr-projekte, she investigates and...
Schering Stiftung, 18.00h
Duration: 29 Sep26 Nov
with Nicola Martini
Linienstraße 23, 10178 Berlin
Tue—Sat 11am—6pm
with Aron Mehzion
Friedrichstraße 17, 10969 Berlin
Tue—Fri 11am—6pm, Sat noon—6pm
with Marlon Wobst
Sanderstraße 28, 12047 Berlin
Wed—Sat noon—6pm and by appointment
tba, 19.00h
For this exhibition, Sunah Choi intensifies her engagement with the basic relationship between content, material, and form. The artist develops site-specific works that deal with the unusual characteristics of the exhibition space, the tower base at Nikolaikirche, and do justice to it conceptually and sensually. With new works, she takes up issues like light, space, dimensions, the body, nature, apparatus, movement, architecture, material and time.
Museum Nikolaikirche , 19.00h
Duration: 28 Sep25 Nov

Since 2004, Germany’s largest photo festival shows the entire spectrum of historical and contemporary photography in Berlin every two years. Numerous museums, cultural institutions, galleries, project spaces, embassies, and photo schools in Berlin and Potsdam present exhibitions and events which have been selected by a panel of experts. The formats range from outdoor exhibitions and large museum shows to individual and group presentations in galleries...
C/O Berlin, 19.00h
Duration: 28 Sep30 Sep

The project discusses touch(ing) as a paradigmatic gesture of contemporary society – in a discursive and process-oriented way. Through touch screen technology touch has become more important in communication and computer interface design. At the same time a boom around body and alternative healing practices working with touch takes place. The influence of tactile interfaces of technical instruments and their access to the human body as well as the role...
Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK), 19.00h
Duration: 29 Sep18 Nov
at after the butcher
Spittastraße 25, 10317 Berlin
Special opening hours Berlin Art Week
29—30 SEP, noon—6pm
Michaela Meise, Forensic Architecture & Die Gesellschaft der Freund*innen von Halit & Initiative 6. April, Tomás Saraceno
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein , 19.00h
Duration: 29 Sep11 Nov
In the summer of 1975, Nicholas Nixon took a picture of his girlfriend, Bebe, and her three sisters. One year later, at one of the sisters’ graduation parties, he took another picture of the four women, and another every year since. His work tells the story of a moment, of transience, and of the sisters’ changing relationships to each other. As such, it also narrates the story of the essence of photography. The group picture becomes steeped in déjà-vu;...
C/O Berlin, 19.00h
Duration: 29 Sep2 Dec
Spanning photogravures of the first sightings of the moon’s surface, early botanical studies as blue cyanotypes, and Woodburytype portraits, the exhibition Back to the Future . The 19th Century in the 21st Century, held in cooperation between C/O Berlin and Foam — Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, shows work of contemporary artists who are using techniques, methods, and processes that trace back to the nineteenth century, the early age of photography. While...
C/O Berlin, 19.00h
Duration: 29 Sep2 Dec
Lee Bul, one of the most important Korean artists of her generation, has received much international recognition for her formally inventive and intellectually provocative work. A mix of performance and installation art, her multifaceted output explores dreams, ideals and utopias influenced by futuristic theories and science fiction, bioengineering and visionary architecture. During her thirty-year artistic career, Lee Bul's upbringing was strongly shaped...
Gropius Bau, 19.30h
Duration: 28 Sep19 Jan
presents: BRABRABRA - Rockkonzert(+ support TBA)
ausland / projekt archiv e. V., 20.00h

SPEKTRUM seeks to create a social and physical space to present art at the point of intersection to science and scholarship, a platform that awakens curiosity and critical understanding, organizing events and exhibitions with a focus placed on technology-based art, new media art, and a mixture of art and scholarship. Another focus is placed on promoting new communities, networks, and an exchange between artists and academics in which they share their...
SPEKTRUM | art science community, 20.00h

Saturday, 29 Sep


The thematic exhibition "Routinised Absurdity" presents photographs by ten international contemporary photographers who deal in different ways with everyday processes and their surprising refraction. It raises questions about the state of a performance-oriented society, in which efficient action is paramount. The downsides of the permanent functioning of each individual are also examined—fatigue, overwork, and collapse.Curated by CUCO – curatorial...
KINDL — Centre for Contemporary Art, 17.00h
Duration: 29 Sep3 Feb

Sunday, 30 Sep


Sonntag is a social sculpture that regularly takes place in Berlin.

Created by the artists April Gertler and Adrian Schiesser in September 2012, the art event takes place every third Sunday of the month, in changing, private Berlin apartments. Sonntag is a platform for international, Berlin-based artists to further develop their artistic activities. A place to present contemporary art to a broader public, linked to the German tradition of having...
Sonntag, 14.00h
Marathon Book Reading and BBQ
Flayed flesh BBQ with marathon book reading and accompanying original soundtrack play-through.
Büro BDP , 14.00h

varied cakes&tarts will be baked by different participants(a)
varied cakes&tarts will be contemplated by all

varied cakes&tarts will be eaten and tasted by all
varied cakes&tarts participants(a) will be known and announced the 30th
sign, CIAT, 15.00h
Artist Talk
Guided tour follows the talk at 16:00
Gropius Bau, 15.00h

Next Week

Thursday, 4 Oct

Cinema Conversación aims to bring the audience in direct dialogue with artists and filmmakers, thus creating a platform where thoughts and experiences can be shared freely and where the usual separation between spectator and artist is lifted. Thus, the format of the program is constituted by a presentation of the given work that is followed by an open discussion between the artist(s) and the audience. Moreover, Cinema Conversación is deliberately focusing...
SomoS, 18.00h

‘Bookface’ is a performance and installation artwork which collapses the boundaries between book arts and performance so as to formulate a hybrid space. It is a contemplation on the notion of a collective narcissism fervent in contemporary society in both virtual and physical environments. Through the rise of platforms such as Facebook, subjectivity has become a multiplicity of perceptions, with the internet and social media as an arena for formulating..., 19.00h
Duration: 4 Oct6 Oct

Friday, 5 Oct

Artists Names:
Daniel Adams / Marc Aldinger / Rick Buckley / Andreas Burger / Emanuel Geisser / Alex Gern / Brad Hwang / Klaus Kampner / Anna Kaufmann / Robert Kruse / César Martins / Philipp Karl Moritz / Tina Schulz
MEINBLAU project space, 19.00h
Duration: 6 Oct14 Oct

Map Spaces

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