This Week

This Week

Tuesday, 21 Mar

Stefan Römer on Re-organisation
L40, 19.00h
Duration: 21 Mar

Friday, 24 Mar

Kemang Wa Lehulere: Deutsche Bank's "Artist of the Year" 2017. Photo: Adam McConnachie
Kemang Wa Lehulere, born in Cape Town, is Deutsche Bank's new "Artist of the Year". In spring of 2017, he will present his first institutional solo exhibition in Germany at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin. Today Kemang Wa Lehulere lives between Johannesburg and Cape Town and is one of the most important representatives of a new generation of South African artists who work in all different kinds of genres and media in order to develop new artistic...
Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, 10.00h
Duration: 24 Mar18 Jun
Louise Mary Thomas will present her new series of paintings and collages ‘Starmaps’. London-born Louise Thomas, currently living and working in Berlin, received her BA in Fine Art from the Falmouth School of Art in Cornwall in 2007, following a Diploma in Art Foundation from Kingston University, London in 2004.
Thomas has recently formed Burnt Sienna Berlin, an artist cooperative providing classes and mentoring material relating to the visual arts. Based...
Das Gift, 19.00h
Duration: 25 Mar26 Mar
The exhibition Mamacamp, conceived by EVBG, brings together works by artists Josefin Arnell and Natasja Loutchko. Including video, installation and prints, the works explore how motherhood and mental illness, control, comfort and codependency are intertwined.

Horsegirl, a collection of texts and images by various artists and writers, will accompany the exhibition.
uqbar, 19.00h
Duration: 25 Mar7 May

Saturday, 25 Mar

Demian Kern & Julian Breuer with: Lena Marie Emrich & Thomas Leo Chapman, Ali Altin & Jochen Görlach, Zoë Claire Miller, Felix Oehmann, Amelie Wedel, Alex Becerra, Jonathan Schneider, Peter Odinzow.
Please check the website for event dates:
MEINBLAU project space, 14.00h
Duration: 25 Mar9 Apr
A retrospective of Christopher Petit's films runs every other Saturday as part of the public programme in Decad's Hinterhaus alongside Petit's exhibition In What's Missing, Is Where Love Has Gone, curated by Louisa Elderton and Jelena Seng.
The full programme schedule is as follows:

Saturday, 25 March : Radio On (1979) at 7pm

Saturday, 8 April : Flight to Berlin (1984) at 7pm

Saturday, 22 April : Chinese Boxes (1984) at 7pm

Saturday, 29 April : JG...
Decad, 19.00h
A matter of Time B 2017 I Photo by Chan Sook Choi ©
Making the incomprehensible comprehensible
In “A matter of time B”, digital and bodily language mesh to create a dialogue. The point of departure for the performative installation by Chan Sook Choi and Rosabel Huguet is Qi, which understands the origin of life through Chinese and Korean philosophy. Qi has forever existed in Daoism and is omnipresent, like fabric in uninterrupted movement and change, uniting life and death, order and chaos, the four...
Asia Contemporary Art Platform NON Berlin , 19.00h
Duration: 25 Mar
Solo Exhibition. 
Grimmuseum, 19.00h
Duration: 26 Mar6 May

Next Week

Thursday, 30 Mar

IB Maurice Jorn und Susanne Knaack
Toscana-Halle, 19.00h
Duration: 31 Mar9 Apr

Friday, 31 Mar

Sophia Erdahl
An exhibition by Aaron Weldon, Michael Young, Sophia Erdahl.
There are as many kinds of footprints as there are forms of evidence. In Essential Shoes paintings, birds, sculptures, and drawings help us through the wilderness; where references are breadcrumbs and footnotes are concrete shoes.
HilbertRaum, 18.00h
Duration: 31 Mar9 Apr
Silvia Binda Heiserova is a painter who explores concepts of symbolic masculine power, its historical contexts, mechanisms of its establishing, while rethinking patterns of social perception. With the aim to question the legitimacy of patriarchal power through its symbolic representations, Silvia experiments with fragmentation, hybridization of elements, colors and forms.
With her latest artworks Silvia perceives the urban space from a feminist...
BERLIN BLUE art , 18.00h
Duration: 1 Apr22 Apr
In Cosmic Microwave Background, Chloe Grove presents a series of large format works in coloured pencil which challenge the traditional use of this medium.
Evoking geological formation and fossilization, a study of pressure and time, the pieces on display utilize an unorthodox technique where layers of colour are built up and blended until the paper reaches the point of saturation and the surface achieves a burnished sheen.
Inspired by physics principles,...
Das Gift, 19.00h
Duration: 1 Apr2 Apr
© Josina von der Linden und Barbara Müller
With works by Josina von der Linden und Barbara Müller. 
Galerie Axel Obiger, 19.00h
Duration: 1 Apr22 Apr
Talk between Simon Wachsmuth, Roger M. Buergel, director of the Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich, Zasha Colah, Clark House Initiative, Mumbai, co-director of the Pune-Biennale 2017.
The discussion will be held in English.
Zilberman Gallery Berlin , 19.30h

Saturday, 1 Apr

Solo exhibition by Lone Haugaard Madsen. 
die raum, 19.00h
Duration: 1 Apr28 May
Elad Larom  Colossus, 2009. Oil on Paper, 320 x 170 cm
The exhibition features 12 painters from Israel whose work is personal, emotional and somewhat restless.
They are engaged in painting that tells a story, paintings that are humanistic in their philosophizing, and they are direct, sincere and simple.
For painters who grew up in Israel, painting was something of an anecdote, with no clear place in the local culture and with little knowledge, if any, conveyed systematically. They were fed on images that were...
Circle1 - Platform for Art & Culture, 19.00h
Duration: 1 Apr20 May

The Week After Next

Thursday, 6 Apr

Curated by Teresa Reichert
What do emotions do? How do they influence an artist’s work? With many of her best works being created in intense states of anger, joy or calmness, Romanian artist Maria Nitulescu reflects on the effect these states of mind have on productivity and creation. Capturing Emotions, organized in collaboration with Berlin University of the Arts at the Gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin Mitte, presents expressive...
Romanian Cultural Institute (RKI Berlin), 19.00h
Duration: 7 Apr12 May
Birte Kaufmann, from the series „The Travellers“, untitled, 2012
With works by Birte Kaufmann, Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Arne Schmitt and Kalouna Toulakoun
Haus am Lützowplatz, 19.00h
Duration: 7 Apr21 May

Friday, 7 Apr

Wu Ding_An occasional content and a form of necessity
Artists: Wu Ding, Michiel Hilbrink, Martin Kohout, Anahita Razmi, Nina Wiesnagrotzki
Curated by: Antonie Angerer & Anna-Viktoria Eschbach, I: project space
The exhibition pays tribute to the post factual world that crystalized itself in 2016. This multi-layered, complex and sometimes only subjective view on the world that feeds itself with bits and pieces of information from the Internet. The new media, with its myriad screens and streams, makes...
I: project space, 19.00h
Duration: 7 Apr6 May
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