How can I post my event/ show in Bpigs?
Bpigs is a members-only communications platform. We are offering a multitude of possibilities to promote your space and program, whether you are a nonprofit organization or a commercial gallery. We offer a non profit, a young gallery (galleries up to three years) and an Adopt- A-Project Space membership for established galleries and institutions. You can find more information about pricing here. Please contact our team with any questions, we can help you plan your PR and social media campaign within a reasonable budget.

I represent a very low budget nonprofit initiative, what are the possibilities to get a promotion for free?
You can register your project space or artist initiative information for free by following this link. This feature is offered to nonprofit projects only and involves the registration of their main information, location, and opening hours. It does not include program listings. 

What is the Adopt a Project Space program?
Commercial galleries and art institutions joining Bpigs are at the same time "adopting" a project space, taking over the fee of a low budget initiative. Each gallery can choose its own project to support or be consulted by our team. 

I am an artist and I would like to show my work in Bpigs
We would love to hear from you! There are possibilities to show work in Bpigs.  Although we would much rather see you write for bpigs. What is it like to be an artist in your community. What were the breaks and problems you faced along the way. #Metoo? We are here for ALL of this. 

I am an event planner, music agent,  booker 
That is great! We have now opened up our guide to music events and festivals as well. We could promote your event for free too if you provide tickets for our followers. Get in touch!  

I am a writer/ art historian and I would like to write for Bpigs:
Bpigs' motto is: highlighting the art scene from the producer's point of view. In praxis this means that we do not encourage professional writers and journalists to write for us. We are interested in what people practicing art have to say about it, their colleagues, and the market. There are many other options to practice the "conventional" art journalism-copy/paste review style, some good although many bad. In Bpigs we do not wish to add to that, but focus on what is missing: new ideas, an alternative point of view, fresh reports. Having said that, we are also interested in people of any field trying themselves in any other field, so even if you are a journalist or a writer, feel free to contact the editor with a proposal.

I am a gallerist and I want to publish my secret dealers diaries: 
Yes please! We have been waiting for this all our lives. 

Berlin Independents Guide is an artist run communications platform. Listings are accepted from project spaces, galleries, art institutes and art related venues in Berlin. For more information and prices have a look here.
or contacts us at info(at)bpigs.com. We love to hear from you!