The stupid quota

I wanted to post my response to this article as well. For what is worth.

Art does not have gender. You could maybe, if so inclined, try to differentiate between nuances of female and male energy, but really… why should you.

The discussion we are having then, takes place in the social context surrounding art. This context has seen more rigid, slow developing eras, but right now it has more of a rapidly changing, read-on-the-ipad-while-in-the-toilet character. It is important to remember that.

A lot of people mistake my work for a man’s. When I venture to find out why, they mention how BIG the pieces are (size does matter, boys). But then again a lot of people also mistake my work for graffiti. So. I would not read too much into this.

Gender has always been a non-issue for me. 

Yes, there have been occasions. My pre-artschool teacher, an archetypical male master, all alcohol abuse and sleeping with his assistants, threw a beer at my 17 year old self and told me “You know what your problem is – YOU CANT COME!”. Inappropriate and humiliating. I now live in LA though and his career never left that building. 
That curator @Oho house who chose mostly guys for that Barter collection they are building up, who told me my work is not black and white enough. (Really not as big a deal as getting rejected for a museum show, but try watching all your friends drink for free for 2 years). The famous artist I tried to show my work to, who told me I like your ass more than your work. (A few years later he congratulated me for my success and told me to buy him dinner- role reversal?) And of course that trip to South Korea where the (female) translator blatantly refused to translate my project proposals, me being the youngest, femal-est, unmarried member of the group, which ended with my near arrest in the airport, after donating my work to what turned out to be a hooker, which was then retrieved by the police and the curator showed up at the airport to rescue and somehow also managed to feel me up. Well… Yes. Gender. You could also say these are all examples of people abusing their power. 

I mean “Men get ahead in the art world”. Why make this distinction? If you think of it, you could also say “Stupid, dishonest, unimaginative people get ahead in the art world”.  (You do the math). Let us worry about that. Crapstraction by the buckets, artist producing it, collectors buying. Criminal. Jerry Saltz is the voice (or should I say the face) of art criticism. Journalists are lazy and do a female related topic at least once a year. Let us raise these issues as well. Far more dangerous in my opinion.  

And an issue getting closer and closer to my heart, now living in LA:

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