Guest Blog

May 2012

  • by Despina Stokou, 30 May 2012
    A while back, in celebration then to the upcoming berlin biennal, we posted our Berlin/ Art Hate-o-meter and invited our readers in an "oppinion exercise": What are top 5 things you absolutely dislike, disagree with in the Arts and/or in Berlin? Here is what you said...
  • by Laura Gianetti, 21 May 2012
    Dogbite means something somehow more surprising then any other accident. It shock as something unpredictable and in someway connected with the breaking of a trust. It’s a hit from a direction we wouldn’t aspect, for a reason that usually we don’t understand and neither feel to deserve. A dog is stereotype of love,...
  • by Laura Gianetti, 19 May 2012
    Three performances per day, lasting approximately 20 minutes each, The visitor was able to assist to the performances but also visit the permanent art installations. Artists: Benjamin Laurent Aman | Clemence de la Tour du Pin | Daniela Huerta | Anton Unai | Nicolas Puyjalon | Georges Maraz | Agora Collective |...
  • by Gitte Bohr, 10 May 2012
    "Zur Ideologie des Schalensitzes" von Diego Castro. On surface design and architecture, an event on this theme will take place in Gitte Bohr's rooms on June 20.

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