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Text and pictures by bpigs team

Another beautiful, fresh initiative this week trying to navigate a brave new world of semi-isolation.

Berlin galleries have joined forces to create BerlinViews, a website format present­ing over 25 galleries and gallery models. Initiated by Office Impart and Tanja Wagner gallery the project, which yes, is a website aims to promote visi­bil­ity for Berlin artists and promote a sense of togetherness. Maybe move some art. You know. They promise a simple, easy to navigate website and they deliver, for the most part. The works turn bright blue the second your mouse goes over them which after a while drives you insane and it makes it hard to view the art and in a simple scroll down, alphabetized menu the Zilbermann of this world will always be disadvantaged. But! There are only 25 something galleries and it doesn't take long to go through them all. Here, our favourite ones. We chose what we like, but also with the young collector in mind. For the most part, we will not include pieces priced over 5,000$. Enjoy explor­ing!

El Tigre mixed media installation , 2019 250 × 300 cm Price: 4.800 Euro (excl. VAT)

Presented by AXS Art ( an art initiative we admittedly have not heard before- please subscribe on our map here) Lisette Van Hoogen­huyze presents this mixed media installation. This work is derived from several scenes on and around the beach, which has devel­oped into her colour­ful ‘beach blan­ket imagery’. Will you make it to the beach this year? Maybe, maybe not. But you can buy one of the individual prints for not much. 

Oak and towel, 2018- Print­ing ink on cotton- 35 × 35 cm- Price: 476 Euro (excl. VAT)

Hiba Al-Ansari, Unti­tled, 2015- Bedspread, fabric, beads, metal frame- 50 × 50 × 4 cm Price: 3.500 Euro (excl. VAT)

Presented by 68projects ( also not on our map!) Hiba Al-Ansari work blurs lines between visual arts and perfor­mance, exper­i­ment­ing with mate­rial expres­sion of reck­on­ing with trauma and violence. We love this work because, while it was done in 2015, it could have been done in quarantine, with materials found at home. 

Roman Gysin Hang­ing out with strangers 2, 2019 Wood, fabric, glue, chalk, metal 98 × 47 × 6 cm Price: 5.500 Euro (excl. VAT)

Presented by åplus, Roman Gysin work mate­ri­als range from found to obtained, from hand-made to manu­fac­tured, from natu­ral to synthetic. The ques­tion: "What is home?” – returns as a refrain in many instal­la­tions of Roman Gysin. We love this work because it trancends the wood into this creamy almost butterlike structure. And it is called Hanging Out With Strangers. Which is what we all do everyday. Online. 

Ferdinand Dölberg Versuch zu Zweit, 2019 Oil and chalk on canvas 190 × 130 cm Price: 3.600 Euro (excl. VAT)

Presented by Galerie Anton Janizewski this work is a (for a lack of better word) Snäppchen. Ferdinand Dölberg was an artist-in-resi­dence at Opern­dorf Afrika, won a Studi­en­s­tiftung schol­ar­ship, and an award from the Knis­pel Foun­da­tion.

Anna K.E. Burn To Be Driven, 2020- Plex­i­glas panels, varnish, hooks - 300 × 600 cm Price: on request

Presented by Barbara Thumm Anna K. E.’s work, repre­sen­ta­tional meet abstract elements that often stand at the thresh­old of the figu­ra­tive. She works multi-faceted, incor­po­rat­ing perfor­ma­tive elements in her site-specific instal­la­tions or their after­thoughts and remnants. Her inter­est lies in the anal­y­sis and over­com­ing of exist­ing and self-made cultural, social and artis­tic struc­tures. A "upon request" price tag does not bead well for your wallet, but consider the space solutions! 

Grace Weaver Fair-weather, 2019 Oil on canvas 160 × 145 cm Price: 20.500 EUR (excl. VAT) photo Nick Ash

Presented by Soy Capitain, Weaver’s work reflects the mood of a young gener­a­tion. Her motifs include family, life­style, and recre­ation, but extend to an emotional dimen­sion of self-conscious­ness, imposter syndrome, disil­lu­sion­ment, and passive aggres­sion. Her ambi­tion is to fuse art histor­i­cal and pop cultural refer­ences into a visual language that is emphat­i­cally femi­nine, engag­ing in aesthet­ics of cute­ness. While we dont know what the aesthetics of cuteness are, and the pricetag is way upon our set limits, we love this work for its freshness. And there is always this too.
Grace Weaver The Lobby, 2019 Char­coal on paper, framed 61 × 45,5 cm Price: 2.200 EUR (excl. VAT) photo Nick Ash


Erica Baum Outside Rabbit (Patterns), 2019 archival pigment print 91,44 × 86,08 cm Edition 1/4 + II AP Price: 11.000 USD (excl. VAT)

Is Erica Baum, presented by Klemms also playing with the aesthetics of cuteness? The gallery writes she could be best described as a “poet-photog­ra­pher”. She is known for her photo­graphic prac­tice based on found sources of text and images. With her reflected, non-chalant use of strate­gies, Baum has been inves­ti­gat­ing the nature, tradi­tions, and magic-spots of the photo­graphic – steadily ”re-mate­ri­al­iz­ing" it’s visual, haptic and contex­tual qual­i­ties. 

Jonas Lund, Proposal 23, 2019- UV print on laser cut plex­i­glass-100 × 80 × 6 cm- Price: 8.584 Euro (excl. VAT)

Ok this piece is over our budget too, but it IS afterall a PANDemic! And if you dont click on it you will miss this video presentation which is how every gallerist should be presenting their works from now on. Long story short, by buying a piece of Konas Lund ( or a token online) you become a shareholder. This particular piece will get you JL 1073 tokens for example. 

That is all for now! Hope they will change the artists up next week, and maybe include some works ( and pricing) made more in and for the moment. 

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