Tips 30.10 - 03.11

Bosco Sodi (Thursday 31.10 @ Eigen + Art Lab)

Have you already decided what to wear for Halloween and where to wear it? We actually have answers to both. Skip the boring mask this year and follow Nathan's instructions, you'll be fine wherever you go. Regardless of that, do read our tips to find the most suitable places to release the spookiest self! And don't be too bothered about the right timing - in Berlin Halloween can be any day of the year. 



17.00 Bosco Sodi - Terra Ignota @ Eigen + Art Lab

WHY: In a way, Bosco Sodi's work is Terra Ignota - an unknown territory that is yet to be discovered. Dependant by the climate and the characteristics of the used materials, his works develop a life of their own over a period of time, with furrows and crusts growing in the pictures and changing the color and surface. Our advice is to visit both the opening and the closing of the exhibition for the before&after comparison of these wonderfully strange artworks.

Eigen + Art Lab / Auguststraße 11-13, Berlin 10117, S Oranienburger Strasse, U Weinmeisterstrasse, S Hackescher Markt / show open through 14.12 / free entry / more info


21.30 Halloween Karaoke @ Das Gift

WHY: While thinking of all the scary things in this world, one easily comes to mind: karaoke. Finally, here´s the opportunity to prove the world that you´re the best at scaring the s* out of people with a winner combination of your disgusting looks and horrifying singing. Give yourself a break for Halloween, little weirdo. The party is kindly organised for you by Pretty Neukolln and Das Gift.

Das Gift / Donaustrasse 119, 12043 Neukölln, U7 Rathaus Neukölln / €2 entry with a glass of Halloween punch on arrival / more info


FRIDAY 01.11

18.00 Awst & Walther | Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson @ LoBe London Berlin

WHY: During this residency at LoBe Berlin the artistic duos Awst & Walther and Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson have developed a collaborative work that brings together image, performance and text. They have chosen to focus on a single historical fragment - a found photograph of two men at the summit of an Austrian mountan. The resultant work - a 4 hour-long performance - articulates a relationship between uncertainty and the creative act and sounds just about weird enough to be worth paying a visit to Wedding.

LoBe London Berlin / Schererstraße 7, 13347 Berlin, U9 Nauenerplatz / show open through 23.11 / free entry / more info


18.00 Recent Works by Antonio Mesones @ invaliden1

WHY: In the work of Antonio Mesones there are elements characteristic of the pictorial tradition, such as narration, representation or meaning, which have been taken out in order to make way for others, like form, colour, composition, which does not mean a concession to formalism. What it does mean is a fresh new approach to the old and known, which is about to reassure you that painting is still pretty much alive and well.

invaliden1 / Schönleinstraße 25, Berlin 10967, U8 Schönleinstraße / show open through 21.12 / free entry / more info 



19.00 Gwenneth Boelens - Riveted @ Klemm's

WHY: Gwenneth Boelens introduces a series of new sculptural works using ceramics, textiles and sound. She negotiates the physical and metaphysical appearance of the clay tablet, inspired by their function as a primitive bearer and the performative aspect of marking or inscribing, rather than ciphering and depiction. Boelens works are a delineation of space, a place bound together in unforeseen ways, alluding to a dimension which is, perhaps, below the surface, submerged or obscured.

Klemm's / Prinzessinnenstr. 29, Berlin 10969, U8 Moritzplatz / show open through 14.12 / free entry / more info


19.00 Beny Wagner - Invisible Measure @ Import Projects

WHY: With Invisible Measure, Beny Wagner addresses a series of moments throughout history and in the present that function (or have functioned) as IT. The exhibited works take as a starting point the shift brought about by the invention of Plexiglas, which was immediately put to military use when invented, although today’s inheritors of the Plexiglas patent are keen to obscure its genesis. This occluded truth is the catalyst for the exhibition’s meditation on how our understanding of transparency has radically changed our compulsion for clarity of vision.

Import Projects / Keithstrasse 10, Berlin 10787, U Wittenbergplatz / show open through 08.12 / free entry / more info


21.00 Local Colours May Vary @ Das Gift

WHY: Local Colors May Vary is a series of curated slideshows, combining contemporary fine-art photography and live music by international artists – with the aim of creating a diverse picture of the respective theme and promoting the work of emerging and talented photographers & musicians. Each edition focuses on a different country, area or city, and is accompanied by live music emphasizing the respective theme and local culture. The first edition will take place at Das Gift on Saturday in conjunction with the annual Neukölln art festival NACHTUNDNEBEL.

Das Gift / Donaustrasse 119, 12043 Neukölln, U7 Rathaus Neukölln / more info 

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