Tips This Week

Text and pictures by bpigs team

You know when you are waiting for the bus in the rain and it takes a while, and then you say fuck it I ll walk, you start walking and then the bus splashes you right past in what seems like the next second? It is coming, people. The bus is coming. Let us window shop some art, shall we?

We are so happy to have Blake & Vargas on board as a Bpigs member! This is Agnė Juodvalkytė’s first solo exhibition there and it consists of large-scale paintings and intimate pieces the artist created during the past 8 months. The title of the show, ANSKA, a Lithuanian term of endearment referring to the artist's grandmother, sets and defines the symbolic space of the exhibition that is centered around the complex nature of memory and the imaginary act of remembering. All canvases shown are the result of a slow process of color layering. The show will be on view through the window and online from tomorrow January 29th.


Now for a different kind of art experience; NoRoomGallery presents Artist Packages: die Kunst des Auspackens & Anwendens. If we can't get to art, art comes home to you. With packages of John Bock, Mariola Brillowska, Armin Chodzinski, Bogomir Ecker, Verena Issel, Christian Jankowski, Stefan Kern, Linder / Steinbrenner (Lotte Lindner / Till Steinbrenner), Michaela Melian, Poison Idea (Baldur Burwitz / Christoph Zwiener) and Tobias Rehberger. Every package will be different. No bombs. No wife heads.
If you want a package, inquire @noroomgallery or order by phone 0176 922 44 936


DREAMING OF ALLIGATOR HEAD by Claudia Comte is a digital show that can be experienced via the KÖNIG GALERIE app.Comte conjures an impossible scenario by replanting her underwater sculpture park from its original location in Jamaica into the KÖNIG GALERIE. The digital visitor experiences an intriguing underwater world without traveling, thus the artist raises awareness for marine environments. Comte strives to retain aesthetic formalisms while simultaneously asking how the artistic object can make a difference in the world. Entering the digital show via smartphone as a diver, the visitor discovers the former NAVE of the brutalist church submerged in an underwater seascape. Perched amongst marine life are a series of Comte’s cactus sculptures which appear to be sprouting sea fauna. I repeat: you enter the gallery as a diver! Show will be on view until January of 2022.

There you go, breathe in, breathe out. This too shall pass. (Maybe)


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