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graphic design by Charlotte Hansel in collaboration with Susi Hinz
graphic design by Charlotte Hansel in collaboration with Susi Hinz
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Kleine Humboldt Galerie is turning TEN!!! and is celebrating by curating the exhibition festival unselect from 12 July through July 21, 2019

Vernissage is on Friday, July 12th at 6:30 pm at Lichthof Ost, Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin

Through its ten exhibitions, during nine days and one night, the festival unselect will explore the dichotomy between natural and cultural mechanisms of selection – a phenomenon, both quotidian and omnipresent. For the longest time, human beings have been committed to their quest of gaining a more thorough understanding of their environment. Like Darwin with his theory of evolution and his concept of natural selection, we developed scientific experiments and models to make the world more comprehensible. Nevertheless, humanity itself has become a crucial factor in all different kinds of selection processes in the world, for our culture holds a significant impact on our environment. We have started to create new selection mechanisms and introduced laws appending those of nature. No matter where we look, pre-selections made by humans are everywhere. Nevertheless, selecting means to influence and build the world we live in – whether that is by the choices we make on the offers available, the news distributed or the art exhibited. Based on tensions created by the dichotomy of natural and cultural patterns of decisionmaking, in this year’s anniversary exhibition, Kleine Humboldt Galerie will explore various forms in which selection appears. At ten different venues, including the 18th century main building Unter den Linden, an abandoned lecture hall and the actively used but hardly known greenhouses in Dahlem, artworks including sculpture, media art, installations and performances will open up different perspectives on the phenomenon. As it is the Gallery’s tradition, one exhibition will be on view at Lichthof Ost in the main building of the university for the course of one month. On top of that, this year, nine additional pop-up exhibitions will be on display at different venues around the city. Complementing the festival, collateral events consisting of workshops, guided tours and lectures will make selection processes accessible and encourage visitors to take a closer look at them. For full program and details please visit Kleine Humbold Gallerie

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For full program see here


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