What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 03.04 - 05.04

The shelves that usually carry artist's books and catalogues of works were wittily used for displaying the essential literature from the artist's studio, such as Playboy, Origami Für Alle, and How To Rap. This simple addition to the show was actually my favorite part of it, as it added so much more of the artist's personality to it.
+10 for the paintingkeepers. It is a royal show, after all.
Chatty paintings, chatty people
Guess who?
The lovely Alona Harpas in front of her paintings, which really have to be seen in the gallery to be fully appreciated. They immediately bring spring and all the flowery feelings to the room.
Milos Tomic is one jolly artist (pictured above is his exhibition brochure). Brighten up your day with his works available at his website: www.milostomic.com
Dogs at the openings are for me something like cats on the internet for the most of the world. They are always and everywhere, and still the best thing.
Friday, 4 Apr
Milos Tomic / Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi / Alona Harpaz @ Circle1

A three-in-one opening of works by Milos Tomic, Alona Harpaz and Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi, was truly a pleasant one. Bright art, friendly folks, hyperactive kids, and one old lazy charming dog. Very much like a family gathering that you actually do want to attend. 

The crowd was stylish, as expected (+5 for the acidy bag!)
Saturday, 5 Apr
Markus Manowski - Nothing Can Go Wrong

You might know Markus Manowski as Daze Maxim, a musician, producer and performer in the field of electronic music. Apparently, Markus had enough of techno beats and wild club nights, and decided to retrieve for a while (or for good) in the silent world of painting. A great show for a debutant; we are curious to see what comes next. 

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