Andreas Greiner - GASAG Art Prize 2016

Andreas Greiner (*1979) is this year’s winner of the GASAG Art Prize. The artist studied under Olafur Eliasson at his master class for Berlin University of the Arts, also graduating from its Institute for Spatial Experiments.

In his work he addresses phenomena of the natural sciences and humanities, medicine, anatomy and music. A range of themes from flies, microorganisms, and fattened hens to biological processes, explosions and musical notation systems is covered by his works. In his exhibition “Agentur des Exponenten” Greiner uses them to describe the relationship of people in our industrial and media society to nature, art and themselves. In doing so he focuses on the exponential growth, the transformation and the increase of living beings.

Wed, 14 Sep, 19.00h
15 Sep 20166 Feb 2017

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