Kunst kann - Einblicke in zeitgenössische künstlerische Haltungen

POSTPONED for December!
with LI: Arno Oehri, Martin Wohlwend und das Künstlertrio Katrin Hilbe, Christiani Wetter und Nicolas Biedermann
DE: Ilona Kálnoky, Marco Schmitt und Nicole Wendel
AT: Sung Min Kim, Clemens Salesny und Maria Seisenbacher
IT: Arnold Mario Dall’O, Cornelia Lochmann und Peter Senoner

In cooperation with four partners with a total of twelve artists from the visual & performing arts as well as music & literature from Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Italy, an exhibition has been developed in the sense of a mediation and learning platform. It visualizes and conveys artistic attitudes of thinking and working.

Thu, 26 Nov, 19.00h
27 Nov 202010 Jan 2021

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