Maja Behrmann cut, cut, collab

The exhibition “cut, cut, collab” is the first solo showing by the young Leipzig artist Maja Behrmann. She works with a constantly growing collection of shapes that develop continuously and manifest themselves in figures.
Presented in an analog catalog and in digital memory that must be maintained, the figures accumulate as confidantes. They determine each other mutually through their encounters with each other. As an open cycle, this bundle is the foundation for a structure of works and their autonomous components. Shapes change, but can also be found again across groups of works and circulate in works on canvas, sculptures, and knitting pictures. Each further development, each new material, new form, and new individual detail in turn flows back into the index. By ordering and rearranging, the excerpts project themselves on each other.

Fri, 8 Jan, 13.00h
8 Jan 202120 Feb 2021

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