Modern Visionaries Paul Scheerbart, Bruno Taut, Paul Goesch

The exhibition focuses on texts and designs by three early 20thcentury visionaries.

Around 1914, the novelist Paul Scheerbart (1863–1915) inspired the young architect Bruno Taut (1880–1938) with his ideas for coloured glass buildings. The painter Paul Goesch (1885–1940), a trained architect, was one of the correspondents who contributed to the “Crystal Chain”, that famous forum of utopian construction initiated by Taut in 1919.

The exhibition brings together about eighty vivid watercolours by Paul Goesch from the Berlinische Galerie’s own collection, most of them never shown before, along with drawings and texts by Paul Scheerbart, Bruno Taut and other members of the Glass Chain.

Fri, 15 Apr
15 Apr 201631 Oct 2016

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